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The UKs first SD2 Squirrel HelicopterUKs first SD2 Squirrel comes to Airbourne Solutions. Airbourne Solutions becomes the first UK operator and second in Europe to operate the AS350SD2 Single Squirrel helicopter.This variant of the Squirrel provides even more power with less fuel burn therefore allowing us to be even more environmentally friendly and cost effective.
Airbourne Solutions' New Twin Squirrel HelicopterNew Arrival: Twin Squirrel. Airbourne Solutions take delivery of their AS355F2 Twin Squirrel helicopter allowing us to expand our twin engine helicopter operations. This can also be provided with a full medical kit for EMS operations.
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Welcome to Airbourne Solutions, the fully approved aerial work specialists.

Pitching stone delivered by skip methodUsing our range of single and twin engined helicopters we have the capability to provide a number of airbourne solutions including underslung lifting, fire fighting, spraying and survey work. Using a helicopter offers speed, ease of access and precision, and can be more cost-effective than conventional methods.

Our reputation has been built on providing high quality aviation services that provide tangible results for our clients. Using our extensive knowledge and expertise, we are confident that we can offer a professional and efficient airbourne solution, tailored to your specific requirements.

Timber ExtractionOur resources allow us the flexibility to travel anywhere within the UK. With the ability to provide full ground support and personnel, we can offer a completely comprehensive service. The majority of our team are qualified engineers, so the backup and support of the aircraft in the field is second to none ensuring our operations run safely and effectively.

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"We were very impressed with the service that you provided. It turned a concept that was probably quite unfeasible to undertake by any other method into a relatively straight forward project."
Civil Engineer, First Hydro Company