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The UKs first SD2 Squirrel HelicopterUKs first SD2 Squirrel comes to Airbourne Solutions. Airbourne Solutions becomes the first UK operator and second in Europe to operate the AS350SD2 Single Squirrel helicopter.This variant of the Squirrel provides even more power with less fuel burn therefore allowing us to be even more environmentally friendly and cost effective.
Airbourne Solutions' New Twin Squirrel HelicopterNew Arrival: Twin Squirrel. Airbourne Solutions take delivery of their AS355F2 Twin Squirrel helicopter allowing us to expand our twin engine helicopter operations. This can also be provided with a full medical kit for EMS operations.
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Load Lifting

Our range of single and twin engined helicopters have the capability to lift various types of loads, with unrivalled precision whatever the site criteria.

Snowdon - Delivering bagged pitching stoneUsing a helicopter to lift allows fast and easy access to difficult terrain or remote locations, which may be impossible or too costly to reach by land. Aerial lifting is faster, and therefore normally cheaper, than conventional lifting methods such as cranes - our method reduces the time, labour, and therefore expenditure, needed on a job.

With our pilots extensive flying skills, it also allows complete accuracy, no matter how confined the site is. From aggregate to pitching stone, concrete to building materials, foot bridges to styles, air conditioning units to swimming pools, we are confident that with our vast range of lifting equipment we can offer you a complete airbourne solution.

A qualified member of our team will normally conduct a site survey prior to carrying out the work, to ensure the most appropriate and cost-effective method and lift site have been chosen, suggest any improvements, and to carry out a full risk assessment.

Visit our Gallery to view some of the projects we have satisfactorily completed.

"My staff on the ground were very complimentary and appreciative of both your skill as a pilot and the professionalism of the whole operation."
Countryside Manager, The National Trust